PMC Pilot re-skin + Hex?

Well, i was wondering if someone could reskin Simkas’s Jet Pilot (
and hex it.
I was mainly thinking of replacing the US flag with a grey-ish symbol with a V on it, also having the uniform in Navy-blue or Tan instead of green.

I’d apperciate it VERY much if someone actually fullfilled this request!

Edit: Changed a little bit :3

You know you could’ve just asked me right…

Yeah, but i though “Why not put it on FP?” so i put it here :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought of a black colored equipment and tan jumpsuit, you know, like the MGS dudes.

Well it sounds good too, but i want Marine-blue/Navy-blue, and i have to admit that i only played one MSG level… It was a boat…

I even haven’t played MGS :v:

I just saw some models that are stylized to look like MGS PMCs.


I’m on it!

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I need a specific idea/image for the US flag replacement though.

Just a small grey square with a big white V on it having the text Corporation under it.

I apperciate it very much!

Sorry I didn’t get back, I’ll do it in a bit.

Shit, yeah… the logo gets reversed on one side - still want it?

Yes, but isn’t it possible to have it on one arm only? If not, i want it anyway. As said before, i appreciate it very much.

So what’s the E.T.A on it?

Shameful bump…