PMC Playermodels!

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] PMC Playermodels!

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] 14 different playermodels!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garrysmod 10

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

cl_playermodel PMC
cl_playermodel PMC1
cl_playermodel PMC2
cl_playermodel PMC3
cl_playermodel PMC4
cl_playermodel PMC5
cl_playermodel PMC6
cl_playermodel PMC7
cl_playermodel PMC8
cl_playermodel PMC9
cl_playermodel PMC10
cl_playermodel PMC11
cl_playermodel PMC12
cl_playermodel PMC13


Thanks! Enjoy. Most credit should go to Kaffi for the models.

These are great. But you should make them all into player models, not just see if they are popular then make them all.

It’s not worth the time to do them all, and I want feedback on which variation people like. I just did my favorite uniform.

Well if you could at least do all the desert models.


You should download my map gm_flatgrass_military_base just type in the search box
guardianangel and it will bring you right to it.

I could do all the desert ones later and why are you advertising your map here?

Well I am advertising my map here because I think people should see how the map is.

You’re not allowed to advertise your map here.

so they replace any player models you download or what? please explain

They do, but you can prevent it by opening your player_manager with notepad and the one in the download. Once you do that copy all the PMC lines in mine and paste it at the bottom of yours.

OK i got them to work and these models RULE!

Ok, did you even take 5 seconds to read my description? I said it will overwrite you other players. Also, it won’t show up in your list. LOOK AT MY DESCRIPTION!!! You have to type it in the console. That help? If you really want to get your players back, I’ll help you. I know how to get around it. But you have to be polite.

P.S. Don’t swear on this thread.

sorry it’s just they never worked before they always had the stupid Kliner problem and when they got messed up again I sorta freaked out so how do I get my other models working again?

Ok, go to your main directory and go to lua. Then go to autorun. In there, there should be something called player_manager. Open it with notepad. Scroll down and you’ll see a bunch of things saying addvalidmodel. You’ll have to add new lines that are directed to the desired playermodel. For example, if I was using a model name poop. I would add a line saying AddValidModel( “poop”, “models/player/poop.mdl” ) Whatever is the the quotes “poop” is what you’ll type into cl_playermodel. Hope this helps!

OK i went to the directory and i am going to use one of the pmcs
AddValidModel( “PMC”, “models/player/pmc__07.mdl”)
by the way i used cl_playermodel pmc and it showed up as Kliner so i don’t know whats up

It has to be exact. So use capital PMC.

OK i will try that

I downloaded the PMC player models and they didn’t seem to work. I downloaded the original models by Kaffi and i entered the console commands that you said.

cl_playermodels PMC
cl_playermodels PMC1 and the rest of the numbers to 13

I also have the kleiner problem that someone else had on your thread.

Do these work in multiplayer? So far, they work for me, I’ve checked with thirdperson, but I was playing multiplayer for the first time since I got them, and I was the giant error sign.