PMC posters and stuff

Having a play around on the affects and quick edit overlays on photoshop, I’ve mainly ignored them up to now. I’m more of a contraptions man meself but I’ve been doing quite a bit of posing here and there.
Got some ok PMC themed posters and pictures:

C&C is more than welcome (personally the last is my favorite).

Filterraped and bad posing from what I can see.

The first one was horrible, the second one looks like you need to turn up your graphic and the last one is pretty good.

yeah first one is crap, but I like the third one alot actually.

Your not the only one who said that, I agree. Ah well, it was just experimentation and I’ll avoid using the filters again. Thanks for the comment!

I think the third one is best, and the second one is pretty hot too.