PMC soldier drags his wounded buddy off to safety...

…while the wounded soldier aims his guns at an unseen threat. Couldn’t fit it in the thread title box.

First pose in quite a while, so be gentle. Focus was on practicing overall posing and trying to pose guns once again.

hmm its cool needs to grip him better though

It’s quite okay, but I would have liked it more if the wounded soldier had only one pistol. It looks too… “busy” now.

can’t even tell where he’s been wounded… looks like he’s just being a lazy arse

i guess the posing is alright, exsept the hand that is holding griping him. that needs some work

well, for starters, the camera should be zoomed in a bit more to focus more on the PMCs, other than showing a lot of unwanted space. the posing isn’t the best, but still it’s better than average. also, if the PMC is pointing his gun at an off-screen threat, i think his hands should be outstretched a little. good work though, keep it up

The PMCs’ camo fits in well with the map.

Posing is quite good, camera angle is terrible.