PMCs cover an injured US Marine

Posing practice and also model test.

C&C etc.

I tried your headhacking tutorial and it didn’t work.

You did something wrong then.

Now could you comment on what this thread is about rather than something unrelated.

Damn nice work man, keep making poses.

Well you did say model test and the picture just good guys fighting offscreen badguys. Is there a difference from making a faceposable model into a non-faceposable model? Like changing a citizens head to a dod head?

Those normals are terrible, they’re even worse than the ones on the operator skin I’m doing now.

Pose is really good though and nice hacks.

Taggart :razz: pose.

Only thing I can see is that maybe the soldier with his fist in the air needs some eyeposing, unless of course he is supposed to be like, if so ill STFU.

Good picture but whats with the extreme sharpness of the 3 left guys and the big time blur on the guy on the right?

The heads aren’t from the HL2 civilians, good job. Posing isn’t too bad either.

Someone really needs to redo the normal map on the CoD soldiers…


No face or eyeposing on these guys.

When r u releasing the fixed chl0407’s CoD4 USMC, I’m expecting your new ragdolls :smiley:

Soon. Right now I’m smoothing the extra equipment(like I have done with the heads here) so they don’t look so terrible.

cool, you always sincere :slight_smile:

why is the injured marine smiling :D?

There’s no faceposing or eyeposing so, he is not smiling.

Make them faceposeable and I will be happy.

On the Marine there is.

Laughing off the pain.