PN03 girl Vanessa

I think she would be a great addition

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Always wanted this for Gmod, but I don’t ever recall seeing anyone ever make any kind of rip of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing there is a rip somewhere of the model given that this is possible:

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I would also like this, What game is this from and who is she?

Hooker Ashely

That is so cool.

And I guess that since the model is available there, it should just be a matter of finding someone who has the skills and give-a-fuckery enough to port it over to Gmod.


Vanessa Z. Schneider, the main character from the Nintendo Gamecube-Exclusive shooter “P.N. 03” (Product Number 3)

The main draw of the game is that Vanessa dances while she shoots, creating some elaborate (And rather provocative) choreography. (Plenty of interesting posing while explosions go off in the background)

Video footage for reference:

Also, Wikipedia Article:

EDIT: I just realized, with a few texture edits she could easily be turned into a humanoid Glados.

She kills enemies by flaunting her ass?

WHILE flaunting her ass. There’s a difference. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn. Thought I was onto the little scheme they had going.
Guess I’m back to square one.

I Remember this game got mediocre reviews at ign, but a decent Game nonetheless

I’m going to rip the model. Will post it asap. (Short statement is short)

Anyone think that this might be a decent Alyx replacement?

Hell yeah, she has the belt already and her glasses would hide any weird eye movement you tend to see in Alyx replacements.


Still hoping for this one day. I believe there was a XNALara version back in 2011 that I missed out on.

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what are you doing

Anyways, it is a Gamecube game so Dolphin and 3dRipper DX or Ninjaripper can probably get you usable model rips (I would suggest 3D ripper since its max plugin component fixes the FOV for you so you don’t have skewed rips)

sorry for adding to this dead post but there is an sfm version on digitalero
warning website is (nsfw)

Here ou go, i’ve ported her while ago just to train, she’s basic as hell so no face, finger or eye posing.