Pocket sand

This needs to be a swep. When you use it, it plays that voice clip, and anyone within 3 feet of you is blinded for about 10 seconds.

Would also be awesome with a particle effect.

hahaha, i guess you could use draw overlay for the blindness, and probobly yellow-ish snow paticles for the sand.

wizey your everywhere today :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah sorry, and its zoey just so you remeber, i just want to help as much as i can nya.

The fact that you’re telling everyone to call you “Zoey” instead of “wizey” indicates that you want to force people into believing you’re a girl.

Normal girls (Foghorn on FP for example) don’t force people to believe it’s a girl.

Stop faking, you’re mocking the female sex by doing this.

As for the swep, you could make a TraceHull of about a few meters, then activate a post processing effect on the victim.

I thought you wernt bothered, and not “Offended” you can belive what you want to belive, and let people mock me if they think otherwise. And frankly i dont care about your bullshit, so… Yeah, oh and trying to be social with people doesnt need to be totally blasted to shit with you butting in wherever i go, if you find me, then just avoid me. oh yeah, and the Just remeber part is because i posted an Erlier post about it.