Pod Crabs

Yeah, so I was at my friend’s house, messing around in Garry’s Mod, when I decided to try to make a ragdoll pose. With tips and pointers from said friend, I produced a series of images that is almost like a comic but not really because it doesn’t have much of a plot. Or editing (except for the exclamation point, which is a reference my friend added in himself).








Plot summary: Bored security guard stands in a hallway, pod crabs teleport in behind him (the orange flash), he goes to investigate, gets owned.

This IS my first pose (and series of poses), and I fully expect negative reviews, but I decided to post it here anyway (mostly because my friend told me to) to get some tips.

Constructive criticism is nice! I want to improve! :love:

Looks indeed very good for first pose/poses. Have an artistic because I think you might have a future in here.

Unlike certain others.

Agreed, good poses for your first here.

I just noticed, very good use of Super DoF.

Thanks, guys.

Does the guard’s alert stance with the shotgun look okay? And when he’s being attacked by the pod crab?

The guard’s model was being uncooperative and not really bending right, so it was sort of frustrating, and I had to redo some of the shots several times so I eventually just left it as it was.

Looks fine for a first one.

Yes, you’ve made that much clear, but I want you to criticize by normal standards, not by first pose standards. I can’t improve if you don’t tell me what needs improvement.

Alright here are some things you need to improve on.

The posing alright but some parts look a little stiff

The muzzle flash. Emitters look bad. Really bad.

and finally although there was no blood. If you do include blood in the future. Edit it in with GIMP or photoshop. Emitter blood and default blood = No good.

I’m no good at editing. :sigh:

This is your first pose? Damn, I’m impressed.


Look at that thread. It’s pretty handy. It has both GIMP and Photoshop tutorials.

What models did you use?

The guard is from Sci-Fi Uniforms v2.5.

His weapon and the pod crab are from madmanmad’s Mass Effect pack.

Any ideas for poses? I’m blank today.

I made a new pose: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=897250

How did that double post? I thought it would automerge.

Automerge only works within the limits of one hour.