Pod racer using multiple Advanced Gyro Pods

I’m trying to build a pod racer using multiple advanced gyro pods: one on each engine, one on the pod itself.

I’m running into a serious problem with the engines. Whenever I have more than two gyro pods active, one of the engines goes haywire (the one I turn on last).

I’m using rangers and wired gates to keep the engines and pod 50 and 70 units respectively off the ground. The system worked fine with a single gyro pod, so am I doing something wrong or can I have multiple advanced gyro pods on the same contraption in the first place?

Thanks in advanced.

EDIT: I don’t want to resort to using Hoverfails - I’m past those.

EDIT 2: Never mind… I gave up anyway. Turns out no matter what I did, something just screwed up.

You didn’t give a ton of time for people to answer. Give it more time before saying “I gave up”. Ive seen it done before.

I’m still looking for help, but just for future reference now.