Pod Racing Track - pic heavy

OK boys, Here is the release of our pod racing track, built by myself and Xro.
Massive dupe in two parts.

Once Spawned, don’t leave the map with noclip, otherwise in all likelyhood you’ll crash.

A few problems, once spawned, delete the random plate sticking out of the stadium and make the big red tube invisible.

Here is a walkthorugh of the track


Start-Grandstand/stadium: starting line

Rock Corridor: tricky cornering

First Desert run: cool jump


Small desert run: simple, good overtaking op

First ‘cave’:

Second ‘cave’: Plus bit of a Rocky area

Corner to the dropdown: tricky tight corner

Drop Down + bare desert run: provides an interesting criss-cross for leading/lagging racers

Waterstage: tricky corners + the risk of submerging your rangers

Then back to the stadium

Xro and I tried to make the track look really nice, but some good effort was made to make it promote different routes through the track and provide enough space to race freely, but tight spots promoting overtaking battles and ample places for dramatic crashes.

Anyway, here is the link. Have fun.

Edit: Oh and just a repost of the vid from the pod racer competition: track was still WIP

Looks easy, but I spent a long time testing the track, so I’m quite good at it, plus my pod racer is very nice 2 handle

Yah! Hope they like it

awww this is awesome :frowning: I wish I had a working computer with a working gmod with a working pod racer.
Mad props to the hood yall

This is really fucking sick.
I’m gunna take my podracer for a spin :D.

Musta taken you guys a while to do this.
Good job.

Who DID win the competition anyway? The thread just sorta got lost.


Fuck nevermind.

All I can say is.

That’s awesome :smiley:


Nice. I’d love to compete, however I can’t get my podracer to work right. I’d much rather have an adv. dupe XD

where can we race our podracers on? is there a server around anywhere?

I was on the server when you were making this, and I made that bridge :3…

after me telling you again and again not 2 build a full bridge, but thnx

What are you talking about? All I made was the two side parts, I did not intend on creating a full bridge…

i like the bridge

Me too

looks secksy
too bad my computer couldn’t handle 1/50th of that track (let alone the pod racer) yes literally
but I’d still win! >=D Awesome track, that’s amazing

where do you install the track.

put the text files into your garrysmod/data/advduplicator file if you cant get it going, but I think I set it up for addons

its in there and addons but dont know how to use it?