Pod Tool

Look everybody, if someone is good scripter, this request is for you because I have an idea of Pod Tool. - If you’ll use this tool, you could make pods on rails. If I have a rail, and I want a pod on it…How I’ll do it? I have t make some muscles, something else, etc. But with this tool you could make pods! And it’ll be very cool if someone will take my request and make the Pod Tool. :slight_smile: Plz. And just create it! You can even don’t give credit to me. I just want this tool. Message me a link if it’ll be created.

Thankyou very much. :slight_smile:

Pods? Sticks? I don’t even remotely understand what you want.

Pods from Half-Life 2! Pods in gmod! And sticks… Sticks is… Sticks are some sticks. Pods aren’t flying. They’re moving on the sticks, that are on the ceiling or some…

I think he means ‘rails’. As in pod’s travelling along rails.

Yeah he is right.