Well, story goes, my friend was making a gamemode for the Fretta Contest, but he was too late so he couldn’t finish it. And, i’m lucky to still have the almost finished map, because my computer broke and… yeah… Take a look!

It would probably be better for posing than anything else, or Chimera Hunt or something…

Is it meant to be pitch black?

Yeah, that’s the way Aska wanted it because it was a “cat and mouse” gamemode. It was actually quite scary, and I guess this is exactly what he wanted

Reminds me of penumbra, but with less fire and shit trying to kill you. So its great :smiley:

Chilling. Very Chilling. It could be used for those awsome, scary gamemodes.

Hey that’s my house :raise:

That was actually pretty good map! Pretty good textures and etc. I played in it 2 hours. It is creepy, seriously.

Well thanks! I didn’t think it would be all that amazing, but it was the first map I ever really finished so glad you all like it so far!

Were you trying to be funny?
Because I didn’t laugh.

Could be a TTT Map.

[understatement]A little too dark if you ask me[/understatement], but if possible, I could try to use this for RP… somehow.