Poeples screens going black?

For some reason randomly everyones screen will go black when you do something in DarkRP.
You can still walk around and see stuff but your screen is pitch black.
Help please.

I think it might be a problem with WireMod actually…
Here’s a pic

LOL, you are having the same problem that i am. In my DarkRP Server i have lost many people today due to this issue that started a couple of hours ago. I do not have Wire Mod on my server just to let you know. Glad i am not the only one having this problem! Hopefully this can be figured out because it is very annoying when your screen randomly goes black out of no where!

Yeah, let’s just blame it on DarkRP…or garrysmod.

This is happening with other gamemodes too, usually a rendertarget issue? Or maybe colourmod

On a side note, does anyone know how to fix it?

update your addons or remove them 1 by 1 and test

Look in your console when this happens. Do you see E_OUTOFMEMORY? Yeah, you’re running out of video memory, there’s either a memory leak, or you’re loading too many resources. This happened quite a bit in the Beta after an hour or so of developing, but hasn’t happened to me recently.

I removed WireMod and this went away.
Thanks for the help though.

If you seriously believe this is a wiremod issue, check the wiremod forums to see if theres any forum posts regarding this issue, maybe you’ll be able to find out which tool/entity is causing your screen to go black.

Happened with me to and I dont have wiremod installed.

I like how OP just posts a black screen, like we don’t know what one looks like.

This is caused by the material tool, this happened a week or two ago on a DarkRP server that I was on.
I forgot what the exact name of the material was, but when you hit a prop with it then physgun it, everyone’s screen goes black.
You can also hit the prop you changed the material with the colour tool and change colours.

Quick fix: Blacklist the material tool.

Wasn’t this fixed in an update, though?

I believe this is the most reasonable response. Not wiremod, not the material tool, not any one thing.

I checked for that and nothing,

I blacklisted the material tool and black screens went away but now my server crashes 5-10 mins.
After the holiday I will take a look in to whats happening but most likely find nothing.

Just occurred to me, 3 times in a row in which you have to keep relogging.

Blocked Material and it seems to have stopped.

Nope. Nothing to do with memory or video settings.

I was admin on a server, and I was spectating a guy. He spawned a prop, set it’s material and everything went black


Remove it from the material tool list and make a check when people use the tool, that should prevent it.

How can you specifically remove a material for others to not be able to use?

Thanks :smiley:

if objectmaterial == screenspace then

would be a basic way to do it…

EDIT: i don’t actually think there is a way to block a single material

Path to the tool: /orangebox/garrysmod/gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/material.lua

Remove it from the list and make a check in the leftclick function.
The selected material is the “mat” variable