Poetry Regarding Garry's Mod Roleplay.

WTF? What is this? I’m here to ask you all today to write poetry regarding Roleplay such as Dark RP,Lite RP,Gmod RP,Build RP,HL2 RP ,and many others.

You may ask, how can we write poetry about simplistic gamemodes… Let me share a contribution.

As tanks roared through the smoke
The fire of war only began to stoke
Forced to the sewers
By foregion players shoving with skewers

The admins were nothing ,but crashed
And VIP’s left in a dash
So now only the players were left
Too fend off these gamemode thefts

Slob had sent is best
And the players were put to the test
Shoot a rifle or throw a grenade
We were told today was the day

In the smoke we see
Five to seven men looking at ye
With a call from the commander
We turned those men into dander

Once they were dead
A rally was said
“Today we we’re called;
Tomorrow the Plane Builders shall fall”

*Your poetry can be about anything relating to RP in Garry’s Mod. Be it a simple event in a server or a mass uprising caused by a hobo fighting over a melon.

The pledge of a minge:

*As I weild the power of the tool
by my keyboard I drool, everyone
knows, I’m a complete and utter
fool, I do this by choise, with my
genderneutral voice, I roar in the
mic, making a terrible noise.
Kleiner is my look, as every
weapon I took, when I killed
an admin, with a rotating
hook. Insult me if you will,
say what you please, It’s
not my fault, I got a negative
number on my SATs.
So I bid you farewell,
making like a vicious
grell, as I send your
server to hell. Thanks
to me, everywhere you
see, my kind dressed as
cops, on PERP. *

…That is all I could come up with from the top of my head…

*I control
all the shops
all the factions
all the streets
the air you breathe?
It belongs to me.
I can have you killed in an instant
I can dodge your bullets
I don’t care if
you’re the mayor
You’re under my control.

About my last session on SRG :v:

here is my Sonnet:

As i walk down the harsh and battered lane
people buying, people selling all day
The Civil protection stare at me, vein
a guy pulls out a gun he says this way
Yes, i followed him in pure and forced fear
what would you do this is role-play, i say
my eyes watered as you could see my tear
Yes, so far this was a horrible day
he looked, he asked me for all my money
i refused as i just joined the server
he said, better hand it over sonny
i dont know why i felt very fervor
so i handed it all over to him
its a shame he ended up with no limb

i challenge anyone to write a sonnet, its what shakespeare used to do and you must follow these rules:

About a Thief robbing a Casino:

I was told, just yesterday
that a new casino had opened up
and they were just a pile of hay,
i was told, that they were real,
legit and they also sold beer.

So i went to the place and got in there
I saw a black man, a asian and a chick with blonde hair,
they were rolling the dice, playing a game, a game of
luck and faith. So i go to the counter, the chip man meets me
“Hello, sir” he says, but instead of a greeting i pulled out
two pistols and said “What a nice meeting, now give me the money
or ill kill you, bud!”

He wanted to dash, because he did not want to lose his hard-earned
cash, i knew what he did, he hit the security button, so i turned around
and saw a guard he said “Just put the gun down, pal”.

I was quick to pull the trigger and the guard went down to the ground faster than
the speed of sound, then i said “Where my money, do you want to die?”
So he said “Its right here”, he tried to distract me, he started to run and screamed “bye”, i quickly aimed, i pulled the trigger and he never came back.

I robbed the casino, but now the cops were knocking on the door, which was something i just could not ignore, so i grabbed my gun, my bag and jumped out the window.

When i came down a cop pointed a gun at me and started to scream
“GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES!”, so i quickly turned around in attempt to rid
him of his gun, because if im in jail it be no fun, but he had a qucik
trigger finger so im shot in the shoulder, falling to the ground, behind this filthy compound. I tried to get up, the cop took the gun, he hit me with the butt and said “what?”.

Thats all i remember up to then, when i woke up i was in a den, yes, i am still in prison, i demanded my lawyer, so then he came as he approached he said “Did you really do it, Ben?”, of course i said “No!” i wanted a trial
which i would win, even if i had to buyout the judge, but he would not budge, for any sum i tried to give to him, he only extended my sentence, so here i am all singing this song - all night long.

But tomorrow, things will change, i will escape this dump and never come back, even if i meet the “Men in black”. And if i don’t make it, well here ends my journey, i hope you enjoyed reading my journal.


The time has come, i am going to get out of here once and for all, no longer will i stay here, instead ill’ go bowling so i jumped out of the window with the broken railings and tied myself to the zipline prepared yesterday by me. So i went and started zipping down, i got on to the ground, then i went around the administation building, i took out my pliers and looked at the flyers, just before i cut the power out.

I got past the fence, got onto a ladder and went up to almost the sky, then i said “bye bye”, old jail im going to escape from hell so i went and strangled a guard with just some wire i found back when i was bored, so i took his gun, and belive me it was fun to go to shoot the other guard in the face and open the gate, then i ran out with all due haste.

I saw the helicopter shooting bullets at me, trying to go on a killing spree, so i went into a nearby house, with SWAT not long after me. They breached the door with force, they saw nothing but a bunch of C4. And suddenly from boring alley the house went into flames everyone started tossing blames, while i ran away.

I stole some guy’s car and went to the bar, i saw my friend there, i said “can you get me to the airport” “Yeah” - he said then we went into his car, leaving my old one behind. He drove like crazy, despite that he was lazy and he got me to the airport. He said take this and handed me a briefcase then he drove away.

I opened it reavling a ticket and some new clothes. I went into the bathroom, locking the door so even a boom would not open it. I changed into the clothes and went to the terminal i passed and got onboard.

Just as we were about the depart, the part so close to freedom, S.W.A.T came in, they started shooting, i got out my gun i found earlier i started retaliating.

Innocent people were dieing, others -paniking, but i did not stop - nither did they, because i refused to obey, but then i happened - i was shot, i fell on my knees, it felt like hundreads of bees constantly stinging, but they did not stop, they unleashed a wall of bullets, i fell on the ground, i guess i was bound to die, so i then i died.

Now im dead, without a buck, i guess that was just my luck, or maybe i sealed my fate, when i pulled those pistols, but i still remember that babe playing games, oh what am i thinking, ah well, now i can rest in peace as my story ends, even as far as it bends, it has to end somewhere, without a doubt and it was here that i depart, well my bus to the afterlife just arrive, ill go on it, high-five!

Enter a server
What do you see?
Server with pissmod
Peeing on me

I own a floor
And what do you know?
A guy with a shotgun
Blows down my door

RDM I shout
But now im departed
for all I know
They are all obviously retarded!


and this:

*PERP1 was amazing,
DarkRP is crazy,
TacoScript kids made my ears ring,
BananaScript was coded lazy.

No RP can beat the other,
Until they come up with another,
Script that makes everyone shit,
and Valve to admit,
That RP is fun,
No matter the computer it’s run.

Stop RDMing,
Start coding,
Stop throwing Molotov’s,
Start calling the cops.*

…Or just learn to roleplay without anti-dumbass mechanisms? For fuck’s sake, this is rediculus. Also, a plural is “Molotovs”, unless you’re throwing the possessions of someone named Molotov, like:

“Stop throwing Molotov’s good grammar out the motherfucking window!”.