point and brush ents?

i was wondering if anyone knew any good point and or brush entitie tutorials for game mode mapping like what they have on the zombie survival maps -custom spawn points and there is one map where if the zombies break the doors to different parts to the house it will say things like zombies have broken into the main floor. or anyone know any good tutorials or examples of gamemode mapping i guess.

as always anything helps :v:

Wrong section. This is a question for the mapping section. In mapping triggers and brushes are handled by the C++ engine, and have nothin to do with Lua.

He’s asking how to incorporate brush and point entities in his gamemode.

In the map, set their classnames to whatever you want, then make a folder for them in gamemode/entities/entities/.

If you know the difference between the two, you can simply make a Brush Entity just behind the door(or where you want to trigger it), and from there, you do your own lua stuff, like displaying a message, or even stop the game, or add a difficulty level, the possibilities are endless.