Point shop betting system

Hello, im in need of a point shop betting system, if you arent familiar with what the point shop is see HERE

there could be two types of bets

NUMBER 1(for now we can call this private bets):for example if one player bets against another player, they cound both type !bet and a dialog would pop up. they could from there pick the player they want to bet with and for how much
NUMBER 2(open bets) This one is a bit harder to explain. Winners win from a pot.

heres an example

there are 16 players in a server
12 are dead
players A-D bet 25 on innocent team winning
player E and F bet 25 on traitors winning
Players E and F split 150 points evenly because they both win the pot.

I dont know anything about LUA or Coding or anything, i just think it could be useful in any server that uses the pooint shop because i know that in my server, people place bets and then dont pay up.