Point Shop bug?

I have the most updated Pointshop addon located here. For some reason my players lose their points in game. My points (as the owner) have never vanished. I haven’t seen any error in my server, just my players complaining. I tried to look up the issue but all I found was this was fixed in a previous patch. Also I was wondering if its possible to use Pointshop linked through multiple servers :slight_smile: Thanks for reading.

What’s the difference between you, the owner, and your players?
Are you…

  1. …hosting the server on the same machine that you play on?
  2. …hosting the server on the same LAN that you play on?
  3. …have PointShop-related code that affects just the players? Or just the owner?

Without knowing the details, I’d say your players are tricking you into giving them free points :wink:
Hopefully that’s not the case, that would be the most difficult to solve!

Try doing a reinstall but keep the pdata.

If it was that then he would be able to see their points in the admin tab.

If you use the mysql pointshop there was a bug when points got reset.

I do not host the server off my pc. As Yashirmare said, I’m unable to see points in the admin tab. I can see mine but everyone else is 0

Does mysql allow for pointshop to be used on multiple servers?

In theory it should.

I’ll have to figure out how to do that. First I must fix my current issue c: