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So I started coding for a Jail Break server recently and one of the things they had brought was for VIPs would receive more point shop points ever interval then regular users. So I was wondering if anyone knew the code to see it up foe certain user groups would receive more points. So thanks in advance for any that could help me.

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Sorry if there is some typos but I typed this up on my phone.

You’ll have to edit some core files to get it working. Everytime Pointshop gives players points for time spent, do a check on the user’s group. I would also create a seperate config option for VIP points.

So by desperate config do you mean a Lua file or just a line in already there file

A new global config variable in Pointshop’s config file.

Line 64-67 in pointshop/sv_player_extension.lua

What would the code look like. Also I was making these stat boosts items and I was wonder what was the line of code to set jump height.


Around line 77 is your timer that gives points. I would suggest doing what Code_GS was talking about, but instead creating a seperate function in the config file to calculate how many points a player should receive

Would it be if usergroup (‘vip’) then “the code for the time and stuff”

No. It would be,

if ply:GetNWString( "usergroup" ) == "vip" then     -- Use whatever player variable for ply
   -- stuff

So this is what I have.


if PS.Config.PointsOverTimeVip then
		timer.Create('PS_PointsOverTimeVip_' .. self:UniqueID(), PS.Config.PointsOverTimeDelay * 60, 0, function()
			if ply:GetNWString( "usergroup" ) == "vip" then     -- Use whatever player variable for ply stuff
			self:PS_Notify("You've been given ", PS.Config.PointsOverTimeAmountVip, " ", PS.Config.PointsName, " for playing on the server!")

You need to get ply from somewhere

So what I did was I looked at the code for the normal timer and just changed a few things. So I don’t know if that will work at or not but please don’t judge me for a scrub :frowning:

What function is it in? What is ‘self’ defined as?