Point_Camera/Func_Monitor Crash In Gmod.

Hey guys, I’m trying to make a map that uses a point_camera to display what it views on a func_monitor brush. This works perfectly in hl2 deathmatch (Which I test my gmod maps in), but when I test it in Gmod, it crashes as soon as it finishes loading the map.

Is there anyway to fix this, or are there any alternate ways to get the same system to work for Gmod?

Cheers guys.

Common guys, can no one seriously give me any answers? This is a really key part to my map.

It works for me, but the camera is zoomed in. :confused:

That’s probably because the monitor texture isn’t aligned properly, make sure you press the “Fit” button on the texture application.

Works perfectly in Episode Two.

How do you mean? You made in using Episode 2 in Source SDK, or you’ve seen it work in game in Episode 2?

I mean I made it with the Episode Two SDK, and the func_monitor/point_camera setup works fine when ran in Episode Two.

No, that’s not the problem. Back when Gmod was still on the Ep1 engine, he changed the func_monitors resolution from 256x256 to 1024x512. When Gmod was updated to the OB engine, it got changed back. It looks like he changed it back to 1024x512 again, which breaks the screens in maps that don’t compensate for the change.

I really wish he’d decide on one or the other, or at least put in legacy support for maps with the lower resolution.

Might this be the reason for my crash?

No, the only ill effect of the change is that screens look retarded until you use a custom texture to compensate for the bigger screen size.

Are you absolutely sure it’s the screen? There could be something else in the map that’s causing the problem.

Yep, absolutely sure. Narrowed it down to the camera, if I delete the camera it works, but obviously with out a working monitor.

But a while ago it worked ONCE, and I changed NOTHING. I don’t understand this at all.

Try and give me the .vmf and I can check if it works on my end? If not, I will see if I can fix it.

Alright, would I have to upload the file to the web? Or can I send it in an email?

upload it to dropbox, megaupload or you can send it via e-mail.

I’ll send it via email, much less bother, one less website registered to. Pm me your email, unless I can find it on your profile.