Hey everybody!

I’ve tried to understand the point_clientcommand entity for some time now and figured that I’ll ask people who knows…

So… I would like to execute “host_timescale 0.2” when triggered on the map.

In hammer I’ve got a point_clientcommand with a propertyname of “host_timescale” and a value of “0.2”. However this doesn’t seem to work. If someone out there know this then please explain the usage of this entity to execute console commands.

Isn’t it because host_timescale is a cheat command?

It seems that I’ve figured this one out on my last try.

Trigger -> point_clientcommand -> command -> host_timescale 0.2 <parameter>

Hope this can help anyone that needs these questions answered

point_clientcommand does not work on guest computers connected to your server in online multiplayer in Gmod.

Why would you use point_clientcommand for a server-side command which needs cheats?

Expanding on the post above, things that should be executed for the entire server should use a point_servercommand.

Also I’ve had this problem twice using this entity, read: