Does any one have an idea how to get it to work?

its common used on CSS maps to execute console commands, however it refuses to do anything in Gmod. Ive making a folder whit the name: “point_consolecommand” in the entities folder, however it doenst change behavior.

Blocked in GMod.

Maybe you could use the lua_run entity instead? See the wiki.

The issue is that im trying to get CSS maps that uses point_servercommand to work :S

for _, ent in pairs(ents.FindByClass(“point_servercommand”)) do
function ent:Initialize()
print(self, “INIT point_svcommand”)

    function ent:KeyValue(...)
    function ent:Fire(...)


Ive tryed that, but it only prints the entitys that are found, however none of the acutal functions are executed…

point_servercommand is not a SENT, it’s a built in source entity.

It doesn’t check if there’s a Lua function to run before it executes the C++ stuff.

It’s like making those functions on prop_physics, they won’t be run.

You could cycle through each point_servercommand entity and replace it with your own sent in InitPostEntity. Not sure if it would work.

Should work.

I made a thread about this. Works perfectly.


Link: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=865941


Works like a charm!

Still i dont see any reason for this to be blocked in gmod :S


However, i did need to edit your code a bit, since not always its triggered at “Command” sometimes also “command” so i did
function ENT:AcceptInput(name, act, caller, data)
if caller:IsPlayer() then return end

if string.lower(name) == "command" then


On prop_physics it would work, you can add wire inputs for example, hooks these are usually used in SENTs and be used on every entity that has physics, you only need give it an entity value, where the ENT (it’s the entity of the SENT) in SENTs is.

To block all sv_cheats SKiddies? Well i think it is blocked but hell… Also to prevent crashing server with npc_advisor.

You have no idea where your talking about, point_servercommand is an entity that runs commands, its common used in CSS maps to change the round timer or just to say something.

Why the hell is point_consolecommand blocked in gmod, this killed 75% of my console command-made contraptions…