Point_Spotlight broken in Garry's Mod

So to preface this, let me start by saying that I usually make all my maps for Gmod inside Counter-Strike Source for simplicity’s sake, because it has all of HL2’s assets as well as it’s own assets. I’ve noticed that the lighting doesn’t quite look the same when playing an identical map inside of Gmod. Most noticeably the point_spotlight entity acts extremely strange in Gmod, It flickers as I move around it and the halo effect at the source of the beam is missing. In the CSS version, the point_spotlights have the proper halo effect at the source of the beam, and they don’t flicker as I move around. Another thing I’ve noticed is that the lighting seems to be different on the map, even though it’s the exact same file, The lights seem overly-bright. In these two screenshots you can see the difference in the same map. One is loaded in CSS and the other is loaded in Gmod

This is the CSS version, note the halos around the streetlight and on the car’s headlights

This is the same map inside of Garry’s Mod, The light halos and glow are missing, and the spotlight looks a lot crappier in general. What you can’t see in this screenshot is the point_spotlight flickers noticably when you walk around it, and there’s a strange white flicker if you stand in the path of the cop car’s rotating lights

Has anyone else ever encountered this? I tried googling for stuff like “lighting looks worse in Garry’s mod” or “point_spotlight broken in Garry’s mod” and couldn’t find anything. I also tried playing with my video settings to see if that was causing it. I tried turning HDR on and off and bloom on and off and it didn’t seem to affect it. If anyone has a solution please let me know.

I’m having the same problem. My halos aren’t appearing in one section of my map.

I have a lamppost that appears fine, halos and all, in one part of my map but I copied multiple versions of the same post (entities and all) in another are and the halos don’t show on those ones.

I’m less lonely since finding someone else is having this issue. I should test my map in CSS to see if it’s just a gmod thing.

EDIT: Just like in your pic, my streetlight halos were fine but my eye-level ones were gone.

It could be a compiling issue, since Garry’s Mod has a slightly different engine that CS:S and HL2. If you decompiled the map, then recompiled it with the Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer compiler, it may work correctly (but don’t quote me on that).

I’m using 2013 multiplayer and am having that issue.

Use Gmod’s version of hammer, it’s a slightly different version than the 2013 SDK one.

Is there a way to config Gmod’s Hammer so it loads CS:S (and maybe other) game assets? I’m getting lots of errors and missing textures.

EDIT: Add ‘lights aren’t working’ to that. Everything looks fullbright when I ran it in client.

I have no idea mate, I’m not a mapper. I would assume you could select where the project’s models and textures are located and import them into Hammer.

You have to mount the .VPK file paths in the Garrysmod gameinfo.txt

My current gameinfo.txt looks like this:

Works fine if I use Source Multiplayer 2013 but not with the GMOD version of Hammer, which is extremely strange. GMOD Hammer ignores the GarrysMod/garrysmod/gameinfo.txt file.

Unless there is some workaround then saying ‘use the GMOD version of Hammer’ isn’t really advice.

On another note: Trying to use Gmod’s Hammer through SourceMultiTool brings up a warning telling you to email Garry to fix his shitty Hammer implementation. So it seems Gmod’s Hammer is busted for real and isn’t an option. Don’t ask me what you all are using.

Thanks for the replies, I’m going to try to compile it in the source 2013 version of hammer and see what happens.