I was looking at a tutorial on how to use indoor lights and the guy said that you have to put a Point_spotlight inside every light_spot.
So i’m just wondering, what does it do? it seems to work fine without it.

It creates the spotlight effect?

Yeah, all it does it create on the side make it look like a beam of light is shining out of the light. Basically Like so.

Not my image taken off google


It doesn’t really ‘do’ anything besides make the light spot look like it’s and actual spot light; and thus more realistic.

Don’t put it in every light_spot. Lots of point_spotlights can be hefty on resources.

Okey, Thanks!

It can light something up, it has a flag “No Dynamic Light” or something like that, if you turn that off, it will create a light at the end of the trail/effect.

Something like light_spot, smoother, but not selfilluminating.