Point_Velocitysensor / dealing with negative output values

I have a point_velocitysensor connected to a physics-driven elevator, and the output sent to the pitch of a sound. This makes the sound pitch up when the elevator is moving faster.

This works fine when the elevator is moving down, but when it’s moving up, the sound does not play, because the output value becomes negative.

How do I make a negative value give the same result as a positive one?

Maybe you could use a math_remap to limit the minimum/maximum speed of the Elevator, then use a math_counter to multiply the input to match that of the downwards motion. Trigger it when you start moving up.

Just remember to disable it after the elevator is stopped so that sound isn’t being played.

I can’t just trigger something when the elevator starts moving. It’s a physics object, not a door or platform.

The velocity sensor doesn’t have that option either. All it does is pass a number to another entity.