Pointcloud minimap

This is a project of mine that I initially released on the workshop back in August of last year, figured that since I’ve been working on it quite a bit recently (and y’know, other reasons) I might as well give it it’s own project thread, maybe get some suggestions and feedback as well.

It’s essentially a minimap that works by tracing the area around you rather than using a top-down view or trying to read the map’s data directly. It’s not the most accurate method, has quite a low resolution (32^3 units per ‘point’ at the highest) and can take quite a while to load depending on the resolution and size of the saved file.

There are some benefits though, for one you can effectively slice the map in half wherever you want, making the transition from exterior to interior areas seamless. You can use it as an exploration tool, making it so that the map only fills in areas you’ve been to before (Or you can use the built in automapper and let it explore for you) And you can also do this:

Full map projections placed in the world that let you look at things from a competely new perspective (Well, new until @Opossum came along with his tesseract)

I’m currently working on streamlining the saving/loading system as can get quite slow on large maps/high resolutions but you can get the addon in it’s current state from either the workshop or github if you’d like to try the new version (or just have a look at how everything works)

More screenshots


Hey, don’t discount your stuff it’s cool as hell and I would have never thought about it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Since it’s a pointcloud, would be awesome to see the map as only what rays coming out of your body can see.
Something like this but in 3D:

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That should theoretically be possible yeah, keeping the traces on the player’s eye level and using the result as a mask for any layers underneath it should give a half-decent result.

EDIT: I just realized that I don’t actually index the points based on their position, might complicate things a bit…

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A whole lot of messing around later:

2021-04-20_17-39-57 2021-04-20_18-12-17

It’s far from perfect though. I’m currently using surface.DrawPoly which only does convex while the mask is more often than not concave, which causes some visual glitches where the map ends up showing more than the player is supposed to be able to see.


A new workshop release is here and it’s got a bit of everything.

Internally I’ve reworked how data is stored and saved, while this does unfortunately mean existing saves files won’t work anymore the system has been future proofed to make sure that this is the only time I have to take such a drastic measure. On a positive note files should be a good bit smaller now.

As for the main features: I’ve worked out all the kinks in the line of sight system and that’s now fully implemented with it’s own toggle, you can now change the minimap and line of sight system’s texture filtering between smooth and a pixelated version that’s easier to make out at high zoom levels and I’ve added a new colorable ‘hologram’ display option for projections.


The new line of sight and pixelated minimap systems in action

A projection using the new hologram display option with the default color

Both of these screenshots were taken on gm_boreas at 128x resolution

The next update will probably focus more on the minimap and customization options for it, something that’s been missing for the longest time now is the option to move the map to a different corner or offset it. I’d also like to add the ability to pick different background colors (including transparency)

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