Pointers, please. :)

Hi folks- I’m interested in learning how to create my own models, as I’m sure a lot of folks who visit this forum are. I’ve been using Maya and MotionBuilder with Source Filmmaker to do motion capture, but I have little experience with these tools beyond that.

Here’s my goal:

To be able to create a custom character model, “soup to nuts”, with bones and texturing so that I can use it in Source Filmmaker or other applications.

I’m not unaware that the learning curve is long and steep, and I’m patient. I’m also a passionate autodidact, but on this I’m a bit stumped as to where to begin.

Here is what I have available currently:

Maya 2012 32-bit with Valve plugins working.
MotionBuilder 2012 64-bit.
Source Filmmaker
GIMP (I don’t own Photoshop).

In short, given what I have or could get (I’m a veteran so I can get learning versions of most of Autodesk’s suite), what is your suggestion(s) on places to start the process of learning this stuff? I’m not looking to have my hand held; I just want a map and compass so I can find my own road. :wink:


Get 3ds max,
go to the Wunderboy website and download the 3ds max plugins and the ui model compiler,
take a look at the 3ds max Wallworm plugin on their website, I use it, but the wunderboy stuff suffices.
You need to learn QC ‘scripts’, and some QCI for face flexes, and you will be working with primarily SMD for model and sequence and VTA for source flex files, this is all on the valve sdk wiki.
Am I allowed to hang around and emphasise on anything that is of difficulty?