Pointfile leak through wall

I am having an issue in csgo sdk when porting the map clue. The pointfile shows from a light entity, which i know is just the closest object to the leak, has a red line leading from it through the wall/window area. I have attempted to place walls behind this, make a skybox behind it, and even make sure it’s not a brush (I may not know what i’m doing i’m new to this). I attempted to replace the wall, and change it to a func_detail but i’m still having the leak through the wall. Every time i attempt a fix, i close and reopen hammer. I have selected all and centered the origins all to no avail.
Here are the logs.

Here are pictures of the issue

Here is the vmf File

First of all, func_detail (and any other brush entity) does not seal the map, so just move it to world by selecting it and pressing a button under the VisGroups tab. This will make it a regular brush and it can now seal the world from leaking.
Wait, is it a decompiled map?

This has been done. and I even created another object that was toworld and the leak went right through. Yes I had to decompile the map to acquire the vmf file

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I even went as far as pullin gthe entire outer wall over the window. so that there was a completely enclosed surface and the leak still went through the wall

doing a few compiles and making the brushes 4 units thicker it looks like the leaks are caused by the window brushes fix one and it moves onto the next window :frowning: , when you compile disable vvis and vrad so you just do vbsp load the pointfile and follow it to the window then make the window brush 4 units thicker :slight_smile: not sure how many windows you’l have to do in total but that should fix the leaks

So just make them thicker? like thicker so that it would enter the house or thicker taht it would go into the walls on either side?

I solved it. My windows were translucent so they leaks were because of that

did you place a skybox brush on the other side see you now see sky when you look throu the window ?