Pointhshop help?

so, I coded a hat in Pointshop from an addon from the Steam Workshop.

I downloaded the mask, it as saved as an addon in my addons folder. After that, I converted the addon which was in .gma format to its raw materials/models folder. I grabbed that folder and dispersed into my /garrysmod allowing them to go into all the right folders. I then coded the lua file in Pointshop. I got it working in SinglePlayer Pointshop but am unshure what I would need to do for a multiplayer server of TTT for this to work.

Would he need the addon folder, the steam workshop url to that addon, the raw materials/models folder. If it is the materials/models, would he also need to disperse it among his servers /garrysmod and add it to fast dl.

I need very detailed steps as I am very new to this.

Thank you.

Here is what the hat looks like if you are interested. http://imgur.com/f32oktR

Do the same thing you did for singleplayer.