Pointless to make a GM now?

I’m not sure what to do, since the new garry update going to change lots of things.

The thing is, what do you think:

  1. Is it pointless to start making a gamemode now?
    Because the new Garry’s Mod Update will break it, or it’s not going to break it so bad people think?
    And fixing it to the new update won’t be that hard?

  2. Is there/Is there going to be, a changelog of major scripting changes when the new update comes up?
    Like Garry lists up functions that are removed, added, edited and so on?
    I know for example datastream is going to get removed completely?

  3. Is there something important I should know that’s gonna get changed in Lua, while making the gamemode.
    The Gamemode will probably not be finished before the Gmod update comes out, so that’s why I’m asking these questions.
    Since I thought of starting making it really soon.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Thread answer:

The update isn’t coming out for a month or two last timed I heard.

http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1134814 should probably answer most questions you have.

Hope it doesn’t break alot of shit. I’d be fucking pissed.
Im half way in a gamemode.

Don’t use datastream, obviously.

Thanks for this, it answered my questions :slight_smile:

I just get started then. Since garry self said it takes just few seconds to fix errors when the update comes.

Thanks for the help people!

Why would you wait to make a gamemode, just fix the errors? is it that hard?

It’s going to break a lot of shit, but it shouldn’t be hard at all to go through and fix the broken things, not to mention replace them with the better solution added in the update( if there is for whatever you’re doing )

Question though.
I want to send a table with unpredictable structure and such (it’s vars system for players).
How can I send this table , without using datastream which will be removed?
Usermessages? How?

I know how usermessages work, but I just can’t think of how to send a unpredictable structure table though.

I always have problems sending a table structure with usermessages too…

New net. functions allow server-to-client and vice-versa messages up to 64KB. You shouldn’t be using a table that large, so just tostring and then find a way back.

Don’t do stupid things and chances are low your game mode will break a lot.

it will break stuff thats fixable in 5 minutes.

30 things break. 5 * 30 = 2 hours 30 minutes.

It is not, pointless.
The opposite, it is even better to do it now since you learn if you fix the bugs.
You will later have to learn the soloutions anyway.

Truth us, When the update comes out, everyone will be on facepunch asking people how to fix their addons and scripts. Most likely, there will be a couple of people that will help out. It’s just some new lua to learn, Right? It’s not totally hopeless if you’re still teachable.

You mean New Functions.

Not a new language.

Of course. Does it really matter if i say functions or lua? They both mean the same thing in this instance.