Pointshop 1 - Multi Server MySQL works?

Hey, I am wanting to link pointshop 1 on multiple of my gmod servers (ttt, deathrun, jailbreak, murder, prophunt) Though I have heard that multi server support doesn’t work very well. As far as I know it works but all servers must have the exact same items in the pointshop which will not work for me seeing as how on a few servers you can buy playermodels and on others you can’t. Would I be able to do a dodgy fix for this by dumping all the non used pointshop items into a hidden category only able to be seen by superadmin and have the item lua files completely empty other than what is needed for them to show up like name and price? That way they would have them equipped but they don’t actually do anything and they won’t delete it from the mysql database. Thanks in advance.

Well you could just delete the checking of unexistant pointshop items that match with the ones saved on the database. That check deletes from the database the items that do not exist on the server

How would I do that? I’ve had a look through the mysql.lua provider file and couldn’t see anything that did that although I am pretty clueless at lua so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is in there. If you could tell me how to do it that would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

bump, If it isn’t too hard would someone be able to do it for me, I’m quite useless.