(Pointshop) 10,000 Points upon first joining server?

Is there a way to set up Pointshop 1 so when a new person joins the server for the very first time they get 10,000 points automatically? And also notify?

Any help is appreciated.

Basically you want to check if this is the player’s first ever time joining the server.
There’s probably a better way to do this, but you could set a PData variable for all players when they first join the server, and if a player doesn’t hold said PData variable - it’s his first time joining the server.

Ofc, once you verify it’s the first time the player has joined the server, do [lua]Player:PS_GivePoints(10000)[/lua] Inside a PlayerAuthed hook

On the server we made it so when a person first joins they get promoted from the “user” group to “new” group. I was thinking of doing something like this.

if ply:IsUserGroup(‘user’) then ply:PS_GivePoints(10000) end

Is this viable? One of the main problems is that I have no idea where to stick the code.

lua/autorun/server/anything.lua -> Inside a PlayerAuthed hook