Pointshop 2 - Cheat points wtf?!

i have a problem, few days ago on my server join player and give to some players unlimited points. They have 5.0000000000 or 53+ 23e points, something like that. My question is how did he do that, and How avoid something like that for future.

Sounds like a backdoor in an add-on. Did you get any from suspicious sources?

No, i don’t think so. Most of add-on’s i have from Steam Workshop or Gmod Store. They did it twice, i don’t know how i have banned all of them multi accounts to avoid that in the future. But, i still don’t know how did they do that. Today when it happen player join and play for about 15-20 minutes then reconnect to server and started to give to other’s 1e+53, 27e+45, 5…000000000 points. And i have to shut-down server and take away it from players.

Just because its from the workshop doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be any backdoors.

Do you have any addons that reward players or could possibly reward players via Pointshop 2 points? Even if you configured an addon not to give Pointshop 2 points, and instead give something else, are there any addons that could possibly give Pointshop 2 points?

My addon’s i’m useing with pointshop2:
Pointshop 2 Betting
Pointshop Trading System
Drops & Crates
Weapons & Loadouts

And he always doing it in that way: Connect to server -> Play for about 10 minutes -> Reconnect -> He starting to giving points.

I’m trying to ban his accounts, but he is creating another one and buying Gmod only for that thing…

It is more likely that he is abusing steam family sharing and not paying a dime on new accounts. I know there’s a few scripts around that will assist in dealing with family share abusers. You should look for one and install it.

As for the exploit itself, a good way to find it would be to set up a concommand and net message logger, wait for him to use the exploit again, then check the log for something he sent that looks out of place.