Pointshop 2, how to manually add things?

Quick question, in pointshop 2 there is a in game item maker (unlike pointshop 1) and I am very unused to it.

Is there anyway I can make my own item manually, like editing mats on player then making it a Pointshop 2 Items. Because on the wiki, all it shows is jackshit. How to use Pac3 etc etc.
Do I just make a Pointshop 2 item and somehow edit it?

Thanks - Jacob

I’m not 100% on how items are stored in PS2, but try looking through your data files. If no luck there, make a ticket on ScriptFodder.

Pointshop 2 was originally planned for making items in-game which is a lot easier than doing it the pointshop 1 way in my opinion at least. It won’t take so long to get used to it and like VeXan said, if you need help with adding items then make a support ticket on script fodder.

Yes I have, but I mean ingame pointshop there is a way to add player colour/materials?

I’m not sure about that, That is where you use script fodder.