PointShop 2 Perma Weapons Spawn for Spectators in TTT

I’m really stuck and I don’t know how to fix this.

My PointShop 2 permanent weapons keep spawning for spectators in TTT.

They can kill players as if they were alive. Obviously, this is game breaking.

Anyone got a fix for this?

Open a ticket on SF if you have an issue with one of my scripts, i will help you out there. I have updated the script a few minutes ago, please let me know if it fixes it for you on ScriptFodder.

I have already, thought I might ask here too.

I posted a ticket about a FULL REFUND from this product. Product was not just lower than my expectations, it just completely BREAKS my server.

I understand the frustration when a script doesn’t seem to work on your server.

For a quick solution please only use scriptfodder for support. I’m sure that you will love the addon once we have solved the issue. If you still feel disappointed once the script is running, you will get a full refund. Please let me know where the script did not meet your expectations then so i can improve it further.