Pointshop 2 Prophunt 'support'

Hey. I have not used pointshop 2 for that long. (amazing script by the way.) But I run it on my prophunt server and I was wondering if I could make items not show up on TEAM_PROPS. I was curious if there was a function like Undefined’s pointshop to check if the item shows on the player? Because its a dead giveaway:

I do own this script: (My username in the top right, and the download link in the bottom left.)

I do know bits of lua.
I can make a script. I’m guessing its something like this:


hook.Add( "PlayerSpawn", "PS2Props", function( ply ) 

    if ply:Team() == "TEAM_PROPS" then



I mean I have not tested that and that might not be the best way, but you get the idea.

Thanks in advance.

think hook it OR find where it changes model and remove it (i recommend 2nd)

Yeah that’s what I would think. I contacted the developer and he said he would add official support for this soon. I’ll just wait I guess.