Pointshop 2 reset Premium Points.

So, is there a way on Pointshop 2 to reset someones premium points only?
I know i can reset everything, but I only want to reset their premium points.
I’ve been trying to locate it all day but can not find a command or whatnot to do that in.

I took over a server from a friend, and he bought it off scriptfodder, so I can’t really contact the DEV with this question cause he’ll probably assume I have a leaked version of the script.
Thanks allot.

ply:PS2_AddPremiumPoints( ( ply:premiumPoints() * -1 ) )

Ghetto as hell and may not work, but oh well. Clearly better than any other answer in this thread.

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And before any freaks out, no, there isn’t a function to set points, for whatever fucking reason.

U wot m8? Did you really just post five ASCII DEL characters?