Pointshop Backpacks Not in-sync with players.

Hello facepunch, so I’ve been experiencing problems with pointshop (The original pointshop by adamdburton) recently it has messed up to where the backpack attachments are not in-sync with the playermodels, for instance they will be perfectly attached but when you move the backpack will also move in the direction you are moving.

For instance, you move forward, the backpack will also move forward starting to spaz out between it moving forward and the position it’s originally suppose to be in.

I don’t have any type of recording software for this, but I can say when I join different servers their backpacks work 100% fine.

EDIT: It glitches out for any direction you move in.

EDIT 2: The pointshop also gives no errors and I’ve tried to re-upload a fresh pointshop into the addons folder with no avail.

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Heres a gif of what the problem looks like.

Does this happen with default playermodels?

Yessir, happens with all player models.