Pointshop broken?

Is this version of pointshop broken? I have tried numerous times on one server, just TTT, to get pointshop to work, no luck.

I added the pointshop-master folder to addons.
No luck. The !shop command doesn’t work, nor f3.
The config is fine.

Cant seem to find the error, while I am familiar with pointshop, if there are any other pointshops could someone be so nice to link me one or tell the name of one?
Thanks so much guys and gals! Have a great week.

Do you have a MySQL database running and working? If not that’s most likely your issue.

“Do you have a MySQL database running and working?”
Please forgive my stupidity.
I dont know SQL or know much about it. Was there an update to gmod/ps that now requires MySQL?
Yea, IDK if I have a SQL database or not. My server is hosted by nfoservers.com, and FTP is how I added the pointshop.

EDIT: Apparently under my websites for NFOServers, MySQL databases: unlimited
So maybe I do?

Ah, it gives you the “code” I guess you’d call it for the database, or the commands. All you need to do is pay for website hosting, create/edit a database and add the commands it gives you. Then you’re ready to go! (Also, for web hosting I suggest www.elpishost.com).


Look for “MySQL Synchronization”. Keep in mind it will cost some extra moneys to pay for the database!

Also, there was no update, you always needed the MySQL database for it. But for some reason it seems that when I use a dedicated server it remembers the players and things, etc., without the database, which I know nothing about so don’t ask haha.

Haha, I have free webhosting from NFO, and I think MySQL sync. from NFO also. I’m not 100% on the MySQL.

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Any alternatives?

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Straight from nfo support.
"A mysql database is basically a storage device which many plugins use to store and retrieve data. It is not FTP, no.

You can create a database for your addons via the “databases” tab in your control panel. Once that is done you will see information listed there that you can use for your plugin so it can connect to it."

So, once I set the sql up I should be good?

EDIT: Database qube_addons has been successfully created.

Currently configured databases are listed below. You can access these databases with installed software using this information:
Not gonna post it, ofc.

EDIT: Epic! Server crashed, and pointshop magically works. Thanks for the help.

No problem, man!