Pointshop Category Sections

Hello! I’m still a newbie to lua but know enough to code quite a few things. So I was wondering if someone could help me code in Pointshop Category sections? Sorta like the ones on TTT FUN.
If you can help or know someone or something to help me, please reply. If you have nothing helpful to say, just go away.

Just copy the catagories from the default pointshop and change the names.

No, I know how to do that, i’m talking about like collapsible list’s.

Do you mean DPropertySheet?

No. A collapsible list. Such as

This ain’t a forum for spoon feeding boy, you should know what to do with this.

Oh, I din’t realize that could go into a pointshop category.

I actually decided NOT to do that, rather put in text there. I’m a noob at doing this stuff. Could someone give me some help and not “Spoon feed” me?