Pointshop Clan Detector

Hi, Can anyone make me a pointshop clan detector? I’ve seen a lot of servers with this, for example, if you have /[ServerName]\ Then you get an extra __ points.
If anyone could make it for me I’d be thankful. :smiley:

First off, wrong section.

local give_points_timer = 60 -- how long in seconds should players that have tags get points 
timer.Create("stupid_timer", give_points_timer, 0, function()
  for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do 
       if string.find(v:Nick(), "/shit server name here/") then 
          -- pointshop add code 
end )

Where would I put this @tyguy

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And I want it to give more points ontop of it already giving points

You might be interested in gmsv_furryfinder to check if a player is in your steam group.

That or just use PHP to fetch it; I think GroupR might use that

I don’t understand coding ;-;

That’s unfortunate. Perhaps you could go pay someone to handle your request?

Im just asking where to put the code tyguy sent.

lua/autorun/server/<some random filename>.lua


It didn’t work ;(