Pointshop content removed

Hey guys! :slight_smile: I have myself quite the dilemma here. I have 2 servers; a TTT and a Murder both running off of _undefined’s pointshop. Both servers are linked to the same pointshop MySQL and both servers have different pointshop content (because certain things cant be adapted to the murder gamemode). Some tabs aren’t in the murder pointshop such as crowbar and holster replacements and this is where the error is occurring. If a player owns any items from these sections on the TTT server, then joins the murder server, then joins back to TTT, the items will have been removed from their inventory and they will have to re-purchase them. I was wondering if there was a way to get past this issue? My only idea at the moment is to put these sections in the murder pointshop, remove the code from the files and make the categories hidden so that they wont have the items on them but they will remain in the store for them.

Create a new category, hide so users cannot see it and then have inside a file with the same name as the items you want hidden in. Then inside the OnEquip function have:

	if GAMEMODE.Name == "Trouble in Terrorist Town" then return false

Thanks for this :slight_smile: I’ll test it out and see how things go