PointShop Custom Trails

So I tried making a custom trail, and when I try to use it in PointShop, it shows up as nothing, and the icon for it is a missing texture.
In this case I made “testtrail.vmt”. I made a 128x128 image, imported and saved in in VTFEdit and got the vmt file of it.
I then uploaded the test trail to the workshop, added it to the server materials, and added it to my collection, but it still shows up as a missing texture.
Do I have to use FastDL? I thought I could just use the Steam Workshop.
Thanks for reading. Any help will probably help me out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hosting the collection on your server and sending the file to clients are two different things. To send them to the client, create a new lua file in lua/autorun/server/, and put the line resource.AddWorkshop(“id”) in it. Replace id with your addon ID.