Pointshop Equiping Problem

So there are these two posts regarding the same issue… https://github.com/adamdburton/pointshop/issues/267 and https://github.com/Arizard/deathrun/issues/98

Those two users are also using Arizard Deathrun Neue and we have the same problem which is the following.

“I currently have a death-run running Arizard Neue gamemode. I am using _undefined’s pointshop and have CSGO knives integrated. I am in need of small tweaks, they include the following;
Create a hook that will force equip and or just re-equip all equipped items at the beginning of the round that the players have “equipped” already in the pointshop (the prep time in deathrun). I have been having problems with the current equitation of items as it sometimes equips and other times it works. It either will equip all or nothing… Weird!”

If someone has an idea to fix this please help! Possibly a function where it re-equips players items for them during the prep time of each round? Anyone with ideas please post, anything will help as this point… Im out of juice :\