[Pointshop] First connect point reward

I want to do that when you first connect the player to the server he was given the starting points. I can give points, but check whether the player is connected for the first time I can not. Help pls.

Just look for your provider and change the points-values.


Use PlayerInitialSpawn hook and give points once the hook is called.

Adding to this, you need to verify that the user has not already received their points for joining the first time. You could do this a number of ways.

  • Store them in a database (Overkill)
  • Keep a text document with Steam IDs whom have already received their reward (Alright)
  • Use something like PData (Not recommended, but alright for something super small like this)

why did you just say the best option was overkill and the worst option was alright


also pdata is a database