PointShop for Garry's Mod 13


Somebody linked me to a version of my old WIP: PointShop that someone had hacked together to make it work for Garry’s Mod 13. The code annoyed me so much that my OCD kicked in and it made me finish off the one I’d started during the beta.

It’s working in SP and MP as far as I can see, let me know if there are problems and I’ll fix them up. Post suggestions if you like but no promises I’ll do any of them.


  • Recoded from scratch.
  • Item equipping/holstering.
  • Updated GUI.
  • Item customisation (colors only for now).
  • Admin tab for managing players points.
  • Items removed on death or TTT spectate mode, and given back when you spawn again (OnHolster and OnEquip).
  • New item file layout for easier editing and creating.
  • Points given over time (configure in sh_config.lua).






**Download / Install

**GitHub - https://github.com/adamdburton/pointshop

Zip - https://github.com/adamdburton/pointshop/archive/master.zip

Clone or extract the pointshop repo or pointshop-master folder to your addons folder.

**MySQL Synchronisation
I was originally selling this but I’m just too kind. Anyone who bought it has been refunded. This requires the MySQLOO module installing and a MySQL server that your gameserver(s) can connect to.

Be VERY cautious letting people set the MySQL stuff up for you. If your MySQL database is set up to allow connections from anywhere (either on purpose or by accident), anyone with the connection details will be able to connect to it. If you get someone to do it for you, make sure you change the password once it’s all working.

GitHub - https://github.com/adamdburton/pointshop-mysql

Zip - https://github.com/adamdburton/pointshop-mysql/archive/master.zip

Clone or extract the pointshop-mysql repo or pointshop-mysql-master folder to your addons folder and then edit the mysql.lua file with your database info.

Extra Items

This is a repository of extra items for PointShop that I or others have made, and are separate to the main repository to keep it clean from models and materials. PM me if you have an item you’d like including. If you’re having problems with clients downloading, move the models and materials to the root garrysmod folder, merging them into the existing ones.

GitHub - https://github.com/adamdburton/pointshop-extras

Zip - https://github.com/adamdburton/pointshop-extras/archive/master.zip

Add this as another legacy addon in your addons folder.

Custom Items

If you create custom items, make sure the filenames of the lua files don’t have spaces or capital letters. The item names can be anything you wish.

The positions for each item were found with trail and error. There isn’t a program to find them for you.

Item property/function documentation: http://pointshop.burt0n.net/items

Problems / Suggestions

Please make sure you're on the latest version before reporting errors.

Post any issues with the PointShop code (not your custom items) on GitHub: https://github.com/adamdburton/pointshop/issues

If you have custom items and they’re not working, it’s not my problem, but feel free to post them here and me or someone else may help you.



If you would like to support development and make sure I keep this updated with fixes and new features, donating some of your money to me will go a long way to doing that. Receiving donations really inspires me to work more.



**These are people who have helped out with PointShop. Let me know if I’ve missed you off.

Matt- - Bug hunting/fixing, code optimisation and a few features!

Nice thanks !

Could you add a timer to give out points every 5 minutes or so?

how would i make it so after a amount of time players will gain points?

There still has to be a better way to put on new hats without just halfassing it every time.

Couple of bugs : Trails don’t remove on death, Trails don’t seem to re-equip on respawn (same with hats i think?) It like acts like its already equiped so you have to holster it then reequip it,

Otherwise ! Great work


You can also equip trails when your dead. Also, Is it possible to make the trails update live? Instead of having to wait a whole round ? ( Not sure if this only effects TTT. Maybe as a cvar?)

Thanks for the reports, looking into them now.

Right, think I’ve fixed the problems. I’ve tested on a dedi server too and it all seems ok. Updated workshop.

I created a workshop.vdf file in \garrysmod of my server.
The contents of the file are as follows:

“1” “110131096” // Point Shop

Though when I press f3 (I also tried all the other function keys just in case, even though it says f3 on the workshop page), the pointshop doesn’t appear. Am I missing a step in the installation process. I’ve restarted the server as well as changed maps since the .vdf was added.

I’ve just tested this and it seems to work. After restarting the server, do you get a file called ds_110131096.gma in the addons folder on the server? If not, your workshop.vdf file might be dodgy. Try this one: http://puu.sh/1uPD5

Have you added the giving of points once a duration of time has passed?

Nice, The new update for the shop won’t open on my server

Do you plan on releasing it in a .zip or something? I’m quite a fan of this pointshop, being one of the only working ones, but I to have the actual files.

You can extract .gma files with one of these programs:


So, I still wasn’t able to open your pointshop, but I decided I wanted to add something else to my workshop.vdf file, so I made a row for it and kept the pointshop. Upon doing this, the pointshop now works (though the second addon didn’t install now >.<) Now I was just wondering how to get/give points, I tried the command from your old pointshop but that didn’t work.

I’ve just pushed a new version with an admin tab for setting/giving/taking points :slight_smile:

Awesome. Is it up on workshop yet? If so I don’t think my files are auto updating and I’ll have to fix it

Make sure you subscribe to the workshop

I am subscribed, the workshop.vdf file just seems screwy