Pointshop for VIP only [TTT]

so i started a new server and i have been able to setup pointshop and ulx. now i was wondering if there is anyway to make a VIP tab in the pointshop that only people with the vip rank can buy from.

I dunno, i can try later

okay thank you

You can use [LUA]CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { “vipgroupname” }[/lua] You can read more on THIS page.

so thoes this work with the ULX?
if so thank you!

Yes, It does work with ULX just take the ULX Group name and replace “vipgroupname” with your group name.
There can be multiple groups you can use just separate with a comma.
And Welcome!

you would know how to install new models as well would you :slight_smile: ?



If you go into the folder where all of the models in the PS are located, you can take a look at an already existing model and then edit that. You’ll learn a lot more that way, than if we simply tell you how.

lua/items/playersmodels, anyway

i was thinking more getting the models in to the shop

How would i add more than one category?

CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { “vipgroupname”, “othergroupnamehere?”, “andso-on?” }

what about a fail message like it would prompt up “you need to be a vip to enter this category”, would it be something like this:

CATEGORY.CustomCheckFailMsg = “you need to be a vip to enter this category”,