Pointshop Hat ModelViewer

How would you display hats inside of a DModelPanel?
All I could find on this was :

[lua]local DModelPanel = vgui.Create(“DModelPanel”)
Additional Notes
Appears to be broken

Anyone willing to give a tutorial on how to show hats from the Pointshop addon?

Set the entity to the hat model

And yes, DModelPanel works, but it is buggy sometimes, and player models get all fucked up in it now.

Yeah it’s a model that looks backwards. Thanks for telling me that was right and how can I get it to make it so if you do have it, it will show instead of showing a hat on you that you don’t own. Maybe a preview type thing. I want the hat to show no matter what but you have to be wearing it. How will the SetEntity know if you actually have it?

The SetEntity didn’t work unless I did it wrong. I got spammed with errors after I set it to a string.

Bump help me please and thank you.