Pointshop help with ULX Groups

Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to add custom ULX groups into Pointshop so that said groups are the only ones able to view tabs.

ITEM.AllowedUserGroups = { “admin”, “donator”, “respected”, “moderator”, “superadmin” }

Maybe you should read a little next time.

Isn’t that only for one item, cause I’m looking for a whole category, I don’t mean to be rude like you but maybe you should read too.

This should do everything for you. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qk9iu2j61hf62xg/GScreenColorChanger.exe

CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { “admin”, “vip” }
Like before, Maybe you should read a little http://pointshop.burt0n.net/categories