Pointshop [Help]

I know this might be a stupid question or a stupid thread but i tried everything i could, but i have a TTT Server WIth Pointshop On, but when i add guns to the pointshop and people buy them, they dont get it for some reason, i serched alot with no results:( my question is, does anyone know how to add TTT weapons into pointshop v2? That players wil lget if they buy them?

Link for pointshop -> Click Here <-

Does it not work at all, or only sometimes? Because if only sometimes, it means the player already has a weapon in that slot.

Not at all i cant add the weapons that why:)

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I mean what is the code for it, and where do i find the weapon path for the ttt guns example models/ttt_weapons/ttt_weapon_ak47/ttt_ak47.mdl etc