Pointshop Help

soim new to pointshop and i got pointshop for my private server and i wanna give points to myself and im admin but i dont know how to add points. can you please walk me through it

Admin tab -> Click Name -> Set Points

i dont know how to get to the admin tab sorry to bother you and like i said im a complete noob and maybe its because i havntset myself as admin or something but i need help please

Set yourself as admin.

im nt sure how to do that

What admin mod are you using?

do u mean like ulib and ulx?

Yes. If it’s ULX, try ulx adduser name superadmin

do u have a skype so U could walk me though it

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or what file in ulx

I don’t help over external programs. Just type ulx adduser hiddenblade2 superadmin in the server console.

I worry for people who are this stupid and run a server.

Everything this person is asking can be solved by using something called a search engine.